A descriptive - prospective study was carried out from February to May 1998 to determine the incidence and characteristics of pulmonary tuberculosis in HIV infected people. Patients were admitted at the National Reference Hospital on HIV/AIDS from the Institute of Tropical Medicine "Pedro Kourí " presenting respiratory symptoms. A total of 65 patients were included in the study, 7 of t hese had pulmonary tuberculosis, the incidence was 10,8%. Five out of 7 showed a positive bacilloscopy, and 4 had positive culture. The ELISA test was undertaken to all patients with positive bacilloscopy, resulting in a 75% of sensibility. Only 2 patients out of the 7 with pulmonary tuberculosis, had a positive tuberculine test.The CD4+lymphocyte count media was 86 x mm3.  From those who were not diagnosed with pulmonary tuberculosis, 3 had positive tuberculine test, and the CD4+ lymphocyte count was 158 cells x mm3 . No significant differences were found among the clinical manifestations of both groups, while the radiological findings were significant. A high number of chest radiography showed alterations. Conclusions:Every HIV-infected patients with respiratory symptoms is presumably presenting a pulmonary tuberculosis,and therefore should be isol ated until the differential diagnosis is carried out.



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