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Polcystic disease of the liver




Introduction. Policystic liver disease is an infrequent entity that predominantly affects women, characterize by the presence of multiple cysts in the liver and kidney that produce compression by mass effect.


Materials and methods. The patient is a 53 year old woman that was first seen in the outpatient clinic referred by the Hospital de Yopal because of an abdominal mass, diminished food intake during the past eight months, whose CT scan showed giant cysts in the liver and cysts in the kidneys.


Results. Unroofing of three cysts located in both hepatic lobes and echographic-guided sclerosis of a fourth giant cyst of central location was performed; there was much improvement of symptoms of pain and sensation of mass, with betterment in the nutritional intake.


Discussion. Surgical management by laparoscopic technique of the polcystic disease of the liver is feasible, even in cases where cysts are located in the posterior segments where laparoscopic approach has been contraindicated by some authors. It is also possible to treat these patients by a combined method of percutaneous drainage for sclerosing the cysts, always considering their location and the state of hepatic function, so as to preserve healthy hepatic tissue in patients with abnormal liver function.


Key words: liver, liver diseases, liver function tests, laparoscopy, sclerosis.






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